Our Wonderful "Special Needs" Friends

The majority of our "four legged kids" who come from the city and county shelters or being owner surrenders experience the normal transition with just needing the basic medical care of spay/neuter, getting current on their vaccinations, blood testing and an occasional dental. However, sadly, a few have more serious medical needs and with that comes greater financial expenses. Although their lives are every bit as important to save, this expense can take a toll on our pocket book. Your assistance is greatly needed in deferring the cost. These precious soles count on us.

The following felines all have a story to tell and a plea to be met. We hope that you can offer them the assistance needed to take care of their situation and let them continue on their way to their permanent home. All donations given whether large or small are appreciated.

Meet the "kids":

 I usually like these posts to be positive and fun, however I do need to share this and ask for everyone's help if possible.
Our rescue kitty "Possum" is at the hospital today having mouth surgery for a condition called 'Stomatitis: which causes horrible pain and inflammation and infection if left on treated. He has been suffering in pain and pawing at his mouth and crying and cant eat and has lost weight since he was returned to us after his owner decided ...this was too much to afford or deal with.
They will have to remove all but the canine teeth and it will be done in two stages one side then the other a couple of weeks apart because it is so painful and a big procedure. Not only will they clean the teeth, then they remove them and do x rays to make sure they got all the roots and then recovery on pain medication, antibiotics and soft canned food. The cost of this is 1700.00 and so far we have had some pledges but we need more and normally we would not ask but we have been hit with alot of expenses for all these precious kitties we take care of.
If you could donate any amount it would be so appreciated. You can pay via Pay Pal -Serenity Place Rescue, or you could send directly to the vets office ,or pay over the phone 818 341-7770 : Chatsworth Veterinary Center
21418 Devonshire St Chatsworth Ca 91311 for Serenity Place Rescue's kitty Possum. All donations are tax deductible and we can provide a donation slip if necessary. If you cannot give monetarily please say a prayer for a speedy recovery with no more pain for our precious boy..Thank-you so much Lori/Terry

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