Adopted Cats

Compton   is a 6-month-old, male, Russian Blue mix. "Straight outta Compton", this little guy was trapped in someone's yard and left in the trap for several days! Rescued by Serenity Place and shown some real love & care, he is now friendly & playful despite the early trauma.

Sheba is a 7-month old, female Siamese Mix. She was rescued off the street with her 4 babies in Van Nuys. Her eartip indicates she's been spayed & vaccinated. (Her kittens were given to a foster). Sheba is still quite shy & frightened being in a cage. She just needs love & patience to trust again.

Mira - is a female, DSH, brown & grey Tabby. She is approx. 1 year, 6 months old. Mira was found outside by a neighbor who kindly had her tested & cleared by a local veterinarian. She is shy and a bit frightened being in a cage yet sweet & gentle when approached. She needs a fur-ever home!

Betty is a 5-month old, female, black & white Domestic Short Hair (DSH) who is a sweet sister to Barney. She has lived with other cats & a dog.

Sophia   is a 7-month-old, female, black & white Tuxedo. She has a few tiny white hairs on her black nose. Sofia looks a little grouchy but is loving & friendly with her sisters.

Barney is a 5-month old, male, black & white DSH. He is loving, friendly and bonded to Betty. He has also lived with other cats & a dog. Who can resist that black chin?!

 Antonio  is a 10 month-old male, beige Lynx Point Siamese.

Blue is a 10-month old, male, Lynx Point Siamese. He is very affectionate, mellow and playful. Mr. Blue Eyes gets along well with other cats & dogs, loves attention and did we mention his beautiful blue eyes?

Rex is a 5-month-old, male, black & white Tuxedo/Cornish Rex mix.
He was left in a box in a dumpster when just a few weeks old. He is now very loving & playful and has bonded with his "shelter-mate", Kenny. He loves attention from humans and doesn't like to be left alone for a long time. Good with children and other cats.

Kenny is a 4-month-old, male, Maine Coon Tabby.
He was left at the shelter when only 3 weeks old. He is fun loving and compatible with children, cats & dogs. Though not related, he is very bonded to Rex.

 Winnie  is a 4 1/2 -year-old, female, brown & grey Maine Coone mix. She is very sweet & calm despite being given up by previous owners.

Fiona   is a 5 year-old, female, brown & black tabby. She and her brother (Ollie) are bonded. She, unlike her brother, is very shy and timid. We are working with her to get her to become more social. She has just been uprooted from the only home she has known for 5 years, so it will take time for her to relax & trust again.

Ollie   is a 5 year-old, male, black, Short Hair Domestic. He and his sister (Fiona) have been together since birth. He is very friendly, curious, and loves to be combed. Ideally, we want them to be adopted together.

Zuko   is a 2 1/2 year-old, male, orange tabby. He was recently surrendered when his owner moved away. He and his partner (Lev) would love to stay together but not a requirement. Shy at first, he warms up quickly.

Lev   is a 2 1/2 year-old, male, Russian Blue. Due to his owner moving, he was surrendered to Serenity Place Rescue. He was living with his partner (Zuko). Though not related, they are compatible and could be adopted together. Lev is a sweet & loving cat who is quite the looker!

Turner  is a 14-week-old, male, orange tabby. He was found outside in some bushes, waiting to be found (hopefully not by coyotes!). Turner is a finicky eater (aren't ALL cats?), but friendly & playful. No more outdoor adventures for THIS boy! Looking for his fur-ever home.

Sweetie Pie   is a 5 year-old, female, black & white Tuxedo. She is still quite shy, having been transferred to our center from her owner's home. Owner moved out of state and was unable to take Sweetie Pie 😥. You can witness her sweet & loving temperament when you pet her. Gotta love the little black heart under her nose!


 Rosie  a 10 month-old, female, Dilute Tortoise Shell. She loves people and is sweet & friendly however she growls at other cats at the center so might work best as a "solo" pet. Foster home noted that she should not be exposed to house plants as she will try to eat them.

 Justin (JT) --  is a 1 year old orange & white DSH....had to hold him down with my hand to get a photo! Named for Justin Turner, starting 3rd baseman.


Raleigh   is a 12 week old, female, white & brown Siamese mix. "Gotcha by the tail". Her hunting skills are evident but this pretty little girl is very shy and will take some time to warm up. But once she does, her playful personality will surface.

 Willis   is a 10 week-old, male, black DSH (domestic short hair) from the Antonio Litter. He and his brothers are close and full of energy. He and his siblings were raised by a nice family who also own the parents of these kittens.


 Bert   is a 10 week-old, male, beige DSH Siamese Mix from the Antonio Litter. He would love to remain with one of his siblings as they are very playful together.



 Ari   is a 12 week-old, male, black & white, domestic short hair (DSH). He is fun, playful and very active and wanted you to notice the black spot under his chin! Would love to be adopted with his sister (Cali) but not required.


 Cali   is a 12 week-old, female, white with black & tan markings, domestic short hair (DSH). She is sweet and playful! She would love to be adopted with her brother (Ari) but not required.

 Clayton  --- is a 1 year old orange and white DSH (domestic short hair). Named for Clayton Kershaw, all star pitcher for the Dodgers.
 Lucky is a 5-month old, male, silver tabby. He was "gifted" to a gentleman by his X-wife but he doesn't want a cat! So, this sweet, playful kitten needs a home where he's wanted

 Luna is a 4-year-old, female, Russian Blue Mix. She is friendly, curious & loves to be pet. Currently feels threatened by other cats so she probably needs to be the "queen" of the house.

 Peaches is a 5 1/2 yr.-old, female, orange tabby. She is very sweet but a little shy. After moving to an Assisted Living Facility, her owner could no longer keep Peaches and returned her to Serenity Place Rescue.

 Snoop is a 1 1/2 yr.-old, male, orange & white short hair with striped tail. He is very sweet and missing his forever home as he was surrendered by his owner when her allergy reaction became unmanageable.


 Bubba  is a male, 7 month-old, DSH. Grey, black & brown tabby. He was rescued from Skid Row and was very shy when first arriving. He is now very friendly with his gal pal (Pixie) and would love to stay with her.

 Julius is a male, 8 year-old orange tabby. He is very loving to us humans....not so much to other cats! Julius would be best suited for a home without other pets. Due to a gum infection, Julius had most of his teeth extracted earlier this year but that doesn't seem to affect his appetite.

 Tiffany is a female, DLH (Domestic Long Hair), black tortoiseshell mix. She is 9 weeks old and was rescued off the street. She is playful and sweet natured.

 Athena  is a female, 6 year old tabby. Owner is heartbroken to give her up but living conditions have changed and she can no longer keep her. Athena is very sweet and has adapted quickly to her new (temporary) surroundings. We promised to find Athena a forever home. She has never been outside or lived with other animals. Best suited to a home without kids.

 Rizzo is a male DSH, brown tabby.  Super friendly and wants OUT of his cage! hahah
 Pixie  is a 7-month-old, female, Tabby/Tortoise shell.  She comes from the streets of Van Nuys where she was rescued.  Her coat is a patchwork of black, orange & white and she is very affectionate.

 Sydney is a 1-year-old, male Snowshoe Siamese. He was recently rescued with his "friend", Sasha from an outdoor tree! He is very sweet and likes to be with his pal, hopefully we can place them together.

 Sasha is a 6-month-old, male Sealpoint Siamese. Friendly, sweet & talkative, he would like to stay with his buddy, Sidney.

 Freddie -- orange & cream tabby (DSH).  Named for Freddie Freeman, Gold Glove winner and starting first baseman for the Dodgers.  Freddie is good natured and gets along well with all his teammates. His talent is only surpassed by his sweetness!
 3rd - Gonso -- gray & black DMH (domestic medium hair). Named for Tony Gonsolin (AKA Catman), starting pitcher for the Dodgers.  Gonso is a handsome boy and loves chasing others.
 4th - Mookie -- black & gray striped DSH. Named for Mookie Betts, all star right fielder for the Dodgers.  Mookie is very athletic & covers a lot of ground chasing toys!
 6th - Cody -- Silver, black & white (DSH).  Named for Cody Bellinger, (AKA Belli), starting Center Fielder for the Dodgers. Cody has plenty of stripes especially on his belly which he shows off every time he stretches for a fly ball.
 Gidget is an 8 week old, female tabby, Domestic Short Hair (brown, tan with black markings).  She is tiny but mighty with a hearty appetite!
 Cosmo is a female, black tortoise shell.  Like her sister Cali, she has distinctive markings with a mostly black nose and some orange striping throughout her ear & neck.  8 weeks old.
 Zucco is a Female, white & gray tabby.  Very loving and has the cutest "heart" nose.


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Felines for adoption can be seen at our ongoing and special event locations (see below) or by making an appointment. For more information, please call(818) 999-4022 or e-mail us.

Adoption Venues

Ongoing Adoptions at:

Westlake Village

5766 Lindero Canyon Rd, Westlake Village, CA 91362
Westlake Village, CA 91362
(818) 342-5566 

Adoption Procedure: Subject to meet and greet by all members of the household, application, home delivery, and upon final approval a contract.

Adoption Fees:  Includes  spay or neutering, FVRCP (vaccines), FeLV/FIV testing (feline leukemia and feline AIDS), de-worming, de-fleaing and microchip. One free vet exam at an approved VCA and discount coupons on supplies.